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Nagatoro et Galet



Nagatoro et Galet, or Nagatoro and Galet, is a cafe opened on June 1, 2014 in the town of Nagatoro, Saitama. This cafe specializes in galettes, established by a Frenchman who visited Nagatoro. His galettes, baked with selected ingredients, are well reputed among locals for their spongy, springy texture. His ”miso-buta galette dog,” made with pork sausage preserved in Chichibu-miso, specialty soybean paste made in the Chichibu area, has a deep taste of malted miso that spreads in your mouth at first bite. The pork preserved in miso from a long-standing miso granary Yamabu and the galettes go well together. You can also enjoy milk latte with kinako roasted soybean flour made with rare chamame soybeans grown in Saitama. It is a three-minute walk from the Nagatoro Station on the Chichibu Railway.

Location Information

  • Address

    447, Nagatoro, Nagatoro-machi, Chichibu-gun, Saitama, 369-1305

  • Nearest Station
    Nagatoro Station
    ・ Chichibu Railway
    3 minutes on foot
  • Phone Number
    Available languages
    only in Japanese
  • Hours
    Every day 10:00am - 5:00pm
  • Closed
    Irregular holidays

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