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Eco-Friendly Adventure in Okinawa! Discover Motobu Town's Charm with 'Motobu Story Quest'

Eco-Friendly Adventure in Okinawa! Discover Motobu Town's Charm with 'Motobu Story Quest'

Date published: 16 February 2024

Motobu Story Quest is a fabulous journey that whisks you away in a private electric vehicle (EV) taxi, setting off from the southern to central parts of Okinawa's main island to explore the enchanting tourist spots of Motobu Town.

Perfect for Okinawa first-timers, there are three special model courses that let you dive into Motobu's stunning seas, rich culture, and vibrant seasons. Plus, you have the freedom to tailor your sightseeing adventure.

Spot something intriguing mid-route? No worries! Your private taxi allows you to effortlessly drop by any captivating site that catches your eye, making it a standout feature of the experience.

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Image of Motobu
Image of Motobu

Introducing Motobu Story Quest

With Motobu Story Quest, you'll get to enjoy a digital stamp rally like no other, thanks to a dedicated app powered by NFT technology. Each step towards the hidden gems recommended by locals earns you an NFT stamp, allowing you to collect memories of your journey right within the unique app. This NFT stamp rally isn't just fun—it's designed to turn first-time visitors into repeat guests, creating a compelling reason for travelers to keep coming back to Okinawa.

How to use

1. Scan the QR code at participating locations

2. Receive NFT

3. There are seven types of NFTs in total. When you collect three, you may receive another NFT

4. NFTs include a detailed description of each location in five languages

Motobu Story Quest is all about responding to the growing demand for eco-conscious travel in Okinawa, aiming to drive sustainable tourism for a planet-friendly adventure. By offering seamless transportation with electric vehicle taxis, this project aims to tackle the chronic congestion and shortage of travel options at popular tourist spots. This initiative isn't just about enhancing the visitor experience; it's also about enriching the lives of the local community.

Bookings can be made from February 1, 2024, with available slots starting from February 12, 2024.

Ready to embark on an eco-friendly adventure in Motobu? Check out the Motobu Story Quest website below for more information on how to book your journey.

  • *This service is provided by Daiichi Koutsu Sangyo Co., Ltd./Naha Daiichi Koutsu Co., Ltd./Orion Daiichi Koutsu Co., Ltd., Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd., the City of Motobu in the Kunigami Region of Okinawa Prefecture, Sumitomo Corporation, and Sumitomo Corporation Kyushu Co., Ltd. to demonstrate sustainable tourism geared toward visitors to Japan using EV taxis.
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