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Chateraise Ski Resort Yatsugatake



This is a fun ski resort with delicious sweets made by "Chateraise", a nation wide sweets maker. Kiyosato/Nobeyama area is known as a major sightseeing location with easy access from Tokyo, only 2 hours away. A mecca-like ski resort with snow machines. Facilities and services for kids such as a family rest room and a baby room for a baby's feeding and nap. A cute animal character shows up on the slopes in the afternoon on weekends and presents Chateraise' sweets to kids. There are 5 ski courses from a moderate slope for beginners to an expert slope with a 32 degree incline at max, in addition to a kids park at the bottom of the slopes. Families, senior skiers, couples, snowboarders, and mogul skiers can maximize their enjoyment throughout the season!

Location Information

  • Address

    Goshodaira 1841, Kawakami-Mura, Minami-Saku-Gun, Nagano-Ken, 384-1407

  • Nearest Station
    Nobeyama Station
    ・ JR Koumi Line
  • Phone Number
    Available languages
    only in Japanese

Further Facilities & Services

  • Parking Lot: available
Original source: SURF&SNOW

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