• Rokkakubashi Shotengai

Rokkakubashi Shotengai



Rokkakubashi Shopping Street, opened around 90 years ago, is one of the three main arcade shopping streets in Yokohama spanning about 500 meters with 170 shops. The old shopping street which reminds of the old nostalgic Showa (1926-1989) days has a wide variety of shops ranging from fresh food stores, general stores and restaurants. The four Store Associations, the Rokkakubashi Trade Association, the Rokkakubashi Central Store Association, the Rokkakubashi Kowa Association and the Rokkakubashi Showa Association have formed an alliance and organize a large number of events such as ”the Night Flea Market” and ”the Thrilling Night Flea Market” attracting a large number of visitors. Such events enhancing the ”good-old Japan” shopping street atmosphere have been highly appreciated and also have been given awards such as the ”Monthly Town Revitalization Award” by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and was selected as on of the ”Top 30 Emerging Shopping Streets” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. You can acces Rokkakubashi Shopping Street right outside the Exit of ”Hakuraku” Station of the Tokyu Toyoko Line.

Location Information

  • Address

    1, Rokukakubashi, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 221-0802

  • Nearest Station
    Hakuraku Station
    ・ Tokyu Toyoko Line
    West Exit
    1 minute on foot
  • Phone Number
    Available languages
    only in Japanese

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