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Kurobushi Kogen Snow Park Jangle Jungle

黒伏高原スノーパーク ジャングル・ジャングル

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We offer a variety of ski fields covered with abundance of 100% natural snow where everyone from beginners to expert skiers can enjoy all day long! Such snow fields include snow parks equipped with various items, a full-scale cross-country course, gentle slopes suitable for practice, challenging steep slopes, non-compacted courses, and tree-run courses, allowing you to select a course that suits your needs. In the restaurant, delicious foods, such as popular dishes and the limited menu highly recommended by the master chef, await to satisfy your stomach. Since elementary school children are free of charge to use the lift and the parking lot is also free, the snow park is ideal for family visitors. It also offers kids snow slopes and kids spaces where you can enjoy playing with your child all day long. In addition, there are night facilities, so you can enjoy the snow park after work.

Location Information

  • Address

    999-3723 317-164 Mizunashiyama, Kannonji, Higashine-Shi, Yamagata-Ken, 999-3723

  • Nearest Station
    Omoshiroyamakogen Station
    ・ Senzan Line
  • Phone Number
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    only in Japanese

Further Facilities & Services

  • Parking Lot: available
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