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Jozenji Street



Jozenji Street stretches to the east and west from Kotodai Park. The name hails from Jozenji, a temple that used to be here until the early Meiji Period (1868–1912). Local history has it that the first feudal lord of Sendai, Date Masamune, built the temple to block off the northeast side, which was considered to bring bad luck.
Four rows of 166 zelkova trees line the west side of Higashi Nibancho Street, adored as the symbol of Sendai, the city of forests with its great natural landscapes. The middle part of the road is filled with greenery, offering a great place to stroll under a green arch or sit on the bench to enjoy the view. There is also a bronze statue by renowned Italian sculptor Emilio Greco. It’s also fun to browse the fashionable cafes and shops along the street.
Jozenji Street also serves as a place for seasonal festival and events. Every year, the Sendai Pageant of Starlight is held in December, with LED lights on the trees gently illuminating winter skies to create a romantic atmosphere.

Location Information

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    Aoba Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, 980-0000

  • Nearest Station
    Kotodaikoen Station
    ・ Namboku Line
    1 minute on foot

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