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  • Matsushima Bay
  • Matsushima Bay
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Matsushima Bay



Matsushima Bay is an inner bay within Sendai Bay, created by sea water flowing into the submerged valley resulting from seismic movements that sunk the Matsushima hills and left their tops as islands. Cruise boats and viewing points serve as ideal places to absorb a scene dotted with as many as 260 islands.
The islands include Niojima Island, named for its resemblance to a nio (a wrathful guardian of Buddha), Kabutojima and Yoroijima Islands, which look like a kabuto (samurai helmet) and yoroi (samurai armor), and Kanejima Island. Kanejima takes its name from the bell-like sound (“kane” is Japanese for bell) that “rings” through its four holes as waves lash against them. While every island has its own unique characteristics, they all display some white rock surfaces created by erosion.
The waters around these islands are popular for cruise ships; one of the cruises will take you from the Matsushima coast to Shiogama through Matsushima Bay.
The four viewing points that offer great views of Matsushima Bay are called Matsushima Shidaikan (meaning the four great views of Matsushima). Sokan Otakamori, Reikan Tomiyama, Ikan Tamonzan and Yukan Ogidani each offers its own scenic landscape that changes face through the four seasons.

Location Information

  • Address

    98-1 Matsushima, Matsushima Town, Miyagi Prefecture, 981-0213

  • Nearest Station
    Matsushima Station
    ・ Tohoku Main Line
    15 minutes on foot
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    Available languages
    only in Japanese

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