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Hirosaki Park was developed from the site of the former Takaoka Castle built by the second head of the Tsugaru clan, Nobuhira. Remaining on the castle site with its three moat systems are the Tenshu (castle tower), three turrets (Ushitora Yagura, Tatsumi Yagura, and Hitsujisaru Yagura) and five gates (Ote-mon, Minamiuchi-mon, Kita-mon, Higashi-mon, and Higashiuchi-mon). All of them are designated as Important Cultural Properties.
Covering about 49 hectares and containing around 2,600 cherry trees, the park is known as one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots. The trees been donated by citizens since the Meiji Period.
The Tenshu that was rebuilt in 1810 stands in the Honmaru (castle keep) (Open: 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., Admission Fee: 320 JPY. *you can also enter Kita no Kuruwa), which is surrounded by stone wall. Designated as an Important Cultural Property, this Tenshu is the only one remaining in the Tohoku region. Because of the ongoing repair work to the stone walls, the Tenshu has been temporarily relocated to an area near the central part of the Honmaru. So, make sure not to miss the only chance to see the Tenshu in this spot. From the third floor, you can see the magnificent Mt. Iwaki. Venture to the Sannomaru (outermost region of the castle) and you will find the Hirosaki Castle Botanical Gardens, a paradise of around 124,000 trees, plants, and flowers representing more than 1,500 species.

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