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Tomyodo is a lighthouse built on a small cape called Tomyozaki at the entrance of Uraga Harbor. It was built in 1648 by order of the shogunate, and for 220 years it watched over the safety of ships coming and going through the harbor, until ceasing operations in 1872. The lighthouse was lit using cloza oil and said to cast a beam for 7.4 kilometers over the sea. Due to powerful winds and rains over its long history, however, it eventually collapsed, leaving only a stonewall behind. Thereafter, in 1988, the facade of the lighthouse was recreated on the remaining stonewall. Even now, many ships coming and going can be viewed from Tomyodo. Take a Keikyu Bus from Uraga Station; Tomyodo is a five-minute walk from the Tomyodo Entrance stop.

Location Information

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    6, Nishiuraga, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa, 239-0824

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    Uraga Station
    ・ Keikyu Main Line
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