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Farm Tomita



While there are several flower gardens around Furano, Farm Tomita is the most famous among them owing to its size. Around July, many visitors from both Japan and abroad flock to see the lavender fields decked in purple throughout, as well as other colorful flowerbeds arranged in stripes. The farm boasts nine flower gardens on gentle hills across a total of about 15 hectares. Each garden has its own name, such as the Irodori Field and the Traditional Lavender Field, and features different flowers planted according to different themes. Besides lavender, the farm is home to around 100 species of flowers including poppies, gypsophila, and red salvia.
The lavender grown on the farm is used for ingredients in fragrances, and the essential oils produced here have won first place at an exhibition in France.
Other facilities on the farm include a house for making potpourri, an oil distillery workshop, and a greenhouse for enjoying lavender through the winter.

Access Info
From Asahikawa Airport, take the Lavender Bus run by Furano Bus and get off at JR Nakafurano Station, which is 25 minutes by foot from the farm. JR Lavender Farm Station is open in the summer for a limited period and is 7 minutes away by foot.

Admission Fee
Free of charge

About Lavender
Lavender is characterized by small purple flowers blooming in a cluster on top of a thin stem. The flowers offer a strong fragrance and are often used for potpourri and perfumes. The five species of lavender grown on Farm Tomita are in bloom from late June to early August, though the ideal time for viewing varies slightly between species.

History of Farm Tomita
The farm began to grow lavender for use in fragrances in 1958. At its peak, the farm had exclusively lavender fields across more than 230 hectares of land, though lavender production slowly declined after the introduction of synthetic fragrances.
Later, the farm received a large influx of visitors after having its picture featured in a calendar by the former Japan National Railways, and after being used as the set for a TV drama. Facilities for tourists, such as shops and restaurants, began to open nearby, leading to its current status as a tourist farm.

Recommended Food and Souvenirs
Farm Tomita has a gift shop with many products related to lavender. There are also sweets flavored with lavender, as well as a café serving light meals using ingredients made in Furano.
The soft-serve lavender ice cream, which includes lavender extract, is particularly popular, and costs 300 JPY. With a mellow purple color, the pleasant aroma of lavender spreads through your mouth the moment you eat it. Also on sale are lavender jellies, puddings, and cream puffs.
Popular souvenirs include additive-free soap infused with lavender blossoms and extract (712 JPY), and lavender sachets - cloth pouches filled with dried lavender buds (432 JPY).

Location Information

  • Address

    15, Kisenkita, Nakafurano-cho, Hokkaido, 071-0704

  • Nearest Station
    Naka-Furano Station
    ・ Furano Line
  • Phone Number
    Available languages
    only in Japanese
  • Hours
    8:30am - 5:00pm
    Visitors are free to enter the farm at any time. Facilities are open 8:30am–5:00pm (times may vary depending on the facility and the season)
  • Closed
    *Differ with each facility
  • Public Site
    Official Site

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