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Furano/Biei Japan: Visiting the Gorgeous Floral Wonderlands of Hokkaido!

Furano/Biei Japan: Visiting the Gorgeous Floral Wonderlands of Hokkaido!

Date published: 27 September 2019
Last updated: 30 September 2019

The hills in Hokkaido's Furano and Biei areas are colored purple with lavender fields where a variety of flower gardens can be seen. This exquisite scenery is a source of local pride.

Get out and enjoy the great views of Biei and Furano lavender fields by visiting during their blooming season, which is from mid to late July.

While these fields are positioned closer to the city of Asahikawa, there are many ways to get there, making a day trip from Sapporo possible. Here we share the perfect itinerary to make the most of the region!

Planning your day trip from Sapporo! The Furano lavender and Biei hill drive

Planning your day trip from Sapporo! The Furano lavender and Biei hill drive

■ Morning 1 (From SapporoFurano (Car: 116 km, Bus: 2 hours and 28 minutes))

Route example if traveling by car:
By car: Take the Sapporo IC → Mikasa IC → Route 116 → Bibo Furano Line → National Highway No. 38

If you take a rental car from Sapporo and leave early in the morning, a sightseeing trip in Furano / Biei can be done in one day. Alternatively, you can take a train or bus to Furano and move by renting a car near JR Furano Station. In that case, see if they will allow you to return the vehicle at JR Biei station, to optimize your tour. From Sapporo, first go to Biei, then from there you can take the scenic route to Furano. In summer, the sightseeing buses are ran by Hokkaido Chuo Bus, which goes around the tourist area of Furano and Biei. These depart from the Sapporo Station Bus Terminal. Sightseeing is also possible from the stations along JR's tourist train called the ‘Furano Bieinorokko’ which travels between Ashikawa, Biei, and Furano stations.

■Morning 2
Route example:
Tomita Farm → KamiFurano Flower Land

First head to Furano's famous sightseeing spot “Tomita Farm." However, keep in mind that the best season to visit “Tomita Farm" is from July to mid August, but be ready for a crowd. Be careful if you intend to travel using a rental car, as you might get caught in a traffic jam on the surrounding roads or in the parking lots. If possible, plan your trip ahead and arrive the night before. If you do stay at a hotel or other lodging around Furano, you can arrive early at Tomita Farm which will make for a smooth sightseeing experience. There are many other gardens in Furano, and if you move quickly, it is possible visit the neighboring gardens such as “Kamifurano Flower Land."

■ Must-Eat Lunch
Biei's scenic view Cafe & Restaurant / Biei Curry Udon

This establishment is located near JR Furano Station, so if you stop here after seeing the sights you’ll lose a lot of time. It is better to find a spot for lunch as you move toward Biei. Although there are many restaurants around JR Biei Station, the best ones are often located away from the station. The local gourmet of Biei is the "Biei Curry Udon” which is available at “Biei Road Station,” Kura Hill, “The Wheat Restaurant" and other stores around JR Biei Station. There are shops and eateries inside the tourist facilities as well.

■ Afternoon 1
Route example: 
Kamifurano Flower land → Aoiike Blue Pond → Shikisai Aya no Oka → Chiyoda Hill Observatory → San Ai Hill Observatory → Shinei Hill Observation Deck

After visiting the famous "Platinum Blue Pond" (Aoiike), a magnificent sightseeing spot of Biei, drive the popular Panoramic Road where you can enjoy the sights of Shikisai Hill, Chiyoda Hill Overlook, Sanai Hill Overlook, and Shinsakae Hill Overlook. Please enjoy the sights of these hills, but remember as these are privately owned lands, refrain from parking on the streets or entering the fields.

■ Afternoon 2
From BieiSapporo (Car: 166 km, train: 2 hours)

If you are using a rental car, it is best to return the way you came. If you rented a car in Furano, return the rental car near Biei Station and head toward Sapporo by train. On the way, transfer at JR Asahikawa Station. Be sure to check the connecting train times in advance. Diners in Biei city close early, so we recommend dinner after returning to Sapporo.

■ If you have extra time
Lavender East / Sunrise Park / Furano Winery / Furano Marche

Gardens are scattered along National Highway No. 237. Nonetheless, this garden area is vast, leaving only time for 2-3 gardens if you are on a one day trip. If you enjoy gardens, it may be better to keep your trip centered on the Furano area. "Furano Marche,” where you can find all of Furano's special products and souvenirs, is located near JR Furano Station and is a great spot to check out if you have the time. It also offers many eat-in gourmet restaurants.

Patchwork road / Biei selection

The route that goes around these photogenic trees and hills are scattered on the north side of JR Biei Station is called “Patchwork Road,” and can be circled in an hour or two. If you are looking for souvenirs, stop by "Biei selection" near JR Biei Station.

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