Matcha Gelato Comes to Tokyo at “Tea and Spoon Nanaya Aoyama”
Update: 14 October 2016

Matcha Gelato Comes to Tokyo at “Tea and Spoon Nanaya Aoyama”

Nanaya, a premium matcha (powdered green tea) company based out of Shizuoka, has brought their ultra-popular matcha gelato to Tokyo! Interested customers can get a taste of this green tea treat, ranging in intensity on a scale of one to seven, at Tea and Spoon Nanaya Aoyama, in Shibuya’s chic upscale Omotesando district.

The Deepest Matcha You Can Taste!

The Deepest Matcha You Can Taste!

Nanaya has been offering some of Shizuoka’s finest Fujieda matcha since 1988. It later became well-known for their matcha-based sweets, particularly their matcha-gelato. However, it was only recently that the company opened their first Tokyo shop on August 19th, 2016. Tea and Spoon Nanaya Aoyama features the company’s famous gelato, which received the highest rating for quality, as well as being a runner up in the Japan Gelato Contest.

Customers ordering the icy treat can choose from seven levels of matcha-deepness, ranging from light to ultra-deep. Nanaya’s “Premium No. 7” is perhaps one of the richest matcha gelatos you can find in Japan, with a dark green color, bursting with bitter, but sweet green tea flavor.

Try Even More Matcha Sweets!

Try Even More Matcha Sweets!

In addition to gelato, the shop also offers matcha cookies, matcha chocolate, and matcha daifuku (a traditional Japanese mochi sweet). If you’re a green tea lover, this is one shop you won’t want to miss!

  • TEA&SPOON Nanaya

    2 Chome-7-12 Shibuya Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 150-0002
  • *This information is from the time of this article's publication.

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