Italian Cuisine

Italian Cuisine


Italian cuisine has become popular throughout Japan and people eat Italian food quite often these days. Especially, spaghetti is very popular and Japanese style spaghetti recipes are also created. We are going to mention about Italian cuisine taking root in Japan.

History of Italian Cuisine in Japan

In the late 19th century, an Italian chef opened the first Italian restaurant in Japan. In late 1980s, Italian cuisine was booming as Italian design became fashionable for clothes, accessories and furniture. Many Italian restaurants were opened following the boom and Italian recipes have become popular at home. Today Italian food is very well accepted throughout Japan.


There are many pizza restaurants in Japan and some serves authentic pizzas baked in stone oven. One lavishly topped with tomato like Margherita pizza and one topped with a lot of mushrooms are popular. Home delivery service is widely available in Japan. People often enjoy pizza at home party. American style pizza as well as Italian style pizza is well appreciated in Japan.

Pasta & Spaghetti

Pasta is the most popular Italian food in Japan. Especially spaghetti is loved by many people. If we talk about pasta in Japan, people imagine spaghetti first. Not only Western-style pasta recipes such as meat sauce pasta and garlic, hot chili and olive oil pasta but also Japanese original pasta recipes called Japanese-style spaghetti which cooked with salted cod roe, mushrooms or soy sauce are going strong.


Many people love risotto since rice is Japanese staple food. Risottos with tomato, cream sauce or mushrooms are well accepted. If you go to an Italian restaurant in Japan, you will most certainly find risotto menu. Japanese people enjoy a traditional Japanese hot pot at home in winter. These days more people put boiled rice in leftover soup from the hot pot to eat it like risotto.

Where to Enjoy Italian Cuisine in Japan

Regardless of area, Italian restaurants are dotted all over Japan. General Italian restaurant as well as specialized restaurant in pizza or spaghetti is available. There are a broad range of the restaurants from expensive top Italian restaurant to budget chain restaurant. South Italian bar style restaurants where you can enjoy food with drinks are increasingly popular and we can find them in many places.

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