You will see parks in the towns, suburbs, residential and other various areas in Japan. For Japanese people, parks are the place to refresh and play. We will introduce you different types of park, how to use and their attractions.

Types of park

The size of parks varies from small such as the ones you see in the residential area to large such as Shouwa Kinen Park in Tokyo which takes you a few hours to walk from end to end. The purpose of them also varies, such as a place to communicate and rest and to preserve nature.

Facilities in parks

The small sized parks are usually divided into the resting area and the playground. They have benches and playground equipments such as a sand pit and swings. Many of them have public washrooms. The big sized parks usually have a huge lawn area with green trees. Some of them have sport facilities, a zoo and/or a botanic garden as well as restaurants and cafes.

How to use parks

Depending on the parks, you can enjoy jogging and cycling. Pet lovers visits parks where pets are allowed to walk them. Please check the regulations before visiting as it varies park to park. Big parks such as Hibiya Park in Tokyo often hold flea markets and other events. Most of them are admission free but some charge to enter the facilities.

Natures in parks

The attraction of the big parks is the rich nature. You will find many kinds of birds on the tree branches. Kasai Rinkai Park in Tokyo is popular for bird watching. Many parks have sakura (cherry) trees which is one of plants representing Japan. Many people go Hanami, the cherry blossom viewing, to parks such as Yoyogi Park and Ueno Park in Tokyo.

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