Valley, mountain stream, river and lake

Valley, mountain stream, river and lake


Japan is rich in valleys, mountain streams, rivers and lakes. These places display various beauties through four seasons and also good spots for Japanese people to do a wide range of activities.

About Japanese valley and mountain stream

There are many mountainous areas in Japan and many valleys and streams created by natural phenomena such as volcanic activities and erosion. Uniquely shaped natural rocks over long period of time and clear water running from olden days are attractive features of Japanese valleys and streams. You can appreciate various charms through the year, lush greenery in spring, refreshing coolness in summer and changing colors of autumn leaves.

Famous valleys and mountain streams of Japan

Oirasekeiryu mountain stream in Aomori prefecture spreads over 14 km long with remarkable water falls in the middle. Irikawakeikoku valley in Chichibu, Saitama prefecture retains untouched primeval forest where people appreciate its nature. There is also a valley in the center of Tokyo called Todorokikeikoku valley. It is a five-minute walk from Todoroki Station on Tokyu Oimachi Line.

How to enjoy valleys and mountain streams

Trekking along valleys and mountain streams as well as rafting down the stream are popular activities. Nagatoro Rhine Kudari in Saitama prefecture is a popular small boat tour going down the mountain stream. Mountain stream fishing is an activity to catch river fish such as mountain trout and Yamame trout. For mountain stream fishing, permission may be required. So please check it in advance.

About Japanese rivers and lakes

Japan is an island surrounded by oceans. Small rivers merge into big rivers then flow to the sea. There is a wide range of lakes in Japan. Some are natural lake surrounded by mountains and some are artificially made for dams. You can enjoy beautiful scenery of the dam lake and surrounding mountains through the year in Okutama area. It takes just about 2 hours by train from the center of Tokyo.

Famous rivers and lakes

The largest lake in Japan is Lake Biwa in Shiga prefecture which is about 670 square kilometer. There are five lakes including Lake Motosu and Lake Shoji around Mt Fuji in Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures. They are called Fuji-goko and very popular.

How to enjoy rivers and lakes

Since Japan has four seasons, colors of trees and scenery vary according to season. It is unique to Japan to be able to enjoy its contrast between seasonal scenery and rivers and lakes. Many people enjoy kayaking and canoeing. You can experience kayaking at some lakes in Tokyo and surrounding areas such as Lake Shiromaru in Tokyo.

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