Electrical Appliance Stores

Electrical Appliance Stores


Today we will go over what electrical applicance stores in Japan are like, their history, and what to expect when you stop by for shopping.

What are Electrical Appliance Stores like in Japan?

Electrical appliance stores in Japan sell electrical appliances from various manufacturers on the same floor. There are several electrical appliance stores around stations in major towns such as Akihabara and Shinjuku, and they are very popular among tourists.

The History of Electrical Appliance Stores in Japan

It is said that it first started when an audio store in a big electronics town expanded. It began to carry a wide selection of electrical appliances in the 1980s and chain stores specializing in selling electrical appliances appeared in the 1990s.

Wide Range of Items

Electrical appliance stores deal with a range of electrical appliances, from TVs and PCs to beauty-related electrical appliances, and mobile phones. The wide selection of products and affordable prices are their main selling points.

Knowledgable Sales Staff

Sales staff have profound knowledge about the differences of each manufacturer's products and the latest information about electrical appliances. Some mass retailers provide multilingual services so if you'd like to know something, you can ask them.

Present Day Electrical Appliance Stores

"Tsutaya Electrics", located in Futako Tamagawa's commercial facility, opened with the aim of being an electrical appliance store comfortable to shop in. They are particular over the appearance and interior design of the store, and they are a new type of electrical appliance store that puts a lot of focus on its design. There is even a cafe for you to relax inside.

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