Joshi, Ruins of Castle

Joshi, Ruins of Castle

Update: 26 October 2016

There are many castles and castle ruins remained all over Japan, and they are important sites to know about Japanese history.

What is Joshi Castle Ruins

A joshi means a place where a Japanese-style castle used to exit. Basically this word applies to all the ruins of castles, however, noted places called joshi castle ruins nowadays mainly include the following areas: ruins of castles where do not have any marks such as castle towers, those where have been used as a park, and those where only tiny amount of remains of castles can be seen.

How to enjoy the ruins of castles

To enjoy joshi castle ruins, start with learning about the history of the castle. Even if the joshi ruin does not have much of exact sign to recognize it as a definite place of interest, imagining the powerful look of the castle in old days from a few remains of stone walls and gate is one of the attractions of visiting joshi castle ruins.

Many Joshi Castle Ruins are Used as a Park

Some ruins are called joshi-koen park (castle ruin park) although no remains of a castle at present. Joshi-koen park has various kinds of plants and it is often considered to be a nice spot to appreciate the seasonal atmosphere in Japan. Some do not retain shapes of castle, however, they are also worth to visit.

Joshi Differs Depending on the Time and Region It was Built

The structure of a castle and the techniques to pile up stone walls are slightly different by region and time, and such details must stimulate your curiosity. Describing joshi castle ruins is not simple, every ruin of a castle has its own history.

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