Your trustful trip adviser the "Tourist Information Center"

Your trustful trip adviser the "Tourist Information Center"


We will introduce five facilities certified by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) which we carefully selected among many tourist information centers in Japan. You will get useful information so it is perfect for sightseeing.

Tourist Information Centers

The Tourist Information Center (JNTO TIC) is a tourism information center managed by the JNTO. Sightseeing brochures of various places in Japan are prepared in the center where multilingual the staff will answer all your questions and are also available for consultation concerning the planning of your trip. It is also possible for tourists to look up information by themselves with the computers inside the center. You can also rent a handy mobile router (for a fee) in the center. It's 5 minutes on foot from "Tokyo" station and "Yurakucho" station.

You can also experience Japanese culture in a JNTO TIC!

Another feature of this JNTO TIC is that you can experience Japanese culture for free. Reservations are not required and you can choose the program such as learning how to put on Kimono, calligraphy and Origami (the art of folding paper) from the menu. You can apply to all cultural experiences if you want. Please call to check the details beforehand.


Leave the North exit at Yaesu, Tokyo Station and you will find the TIC. The TIC is permanently occupied by staff members who speak Japanese, English, French and Chinese and they can provide you with information about tourist locations and hotels all over the country. They can also organize foreigner-oriented tours. Free computers with Wi-Fi are available. They sell Wi-Fi routers and prepaid SIM cards for smartphones as well. You can also purchase telephones and prepaid cards that can be used to make international calls.

The Tokyo Tourist Information Center in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

It is located on the 1st and 2nd floor of the Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku ward and managed by Tokyo prefecture. Its staff can speak English, Chinese and Korean. Pamphlets and maps are available in many more languages. You can get information of all the areas in Tokyo, including Tokyo's isolated islands. They have a souvenir corner where they sell artifacts and other souvenirs and an observation deck on the 45th floor in the same building open for free.

The Tokyo Taito-ku Asakusa Culture Sightseeing Center

This tourist information center is one minute on foot from Asakusa station and is located in front of the "Kaminarimon (gate)" of Senso-ji. You can get cultural information mainly about Asakusa and its surroundings. On the eighth floor and on the first basement floor (-1) there are foreign money exchange centers, cafes and an observation terrace (on the eighth floor only). The building was designed by "Kengo Kuma", a world-famous architect. He used natural materials for his design, which is a must-see.

The Sony Building Information Counter

This tourist information center is conveniently located in the center of Ginza's shopping areas. It is constantly manned by 2 to 3 staff members to provide information mainly about the nearby areas of Ginza. You can get the latest information about all areas in Japan from a big screen and pamphlets in "Multi Communication Window" installed in the center.

*This information is from the time of this article's publication.

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