Italian Restaurants in Tokyo
Update: 11 October 2016

Italian Restaurants in Tokyo

Italian cuisine combines plenty of ingredients, including tomatoes, cheese, seafood, and vegetables, to express a sensational variety of flavors. The food of Italy has been affectionally called "ita-meshi" ("ita" means "Italian" and "meshi" "food") in Japan since the 90's. Let's take a look at some famous Italian restaurants in Tokyo that keep impressing local and international gourmets alike.

Savour world-class seafood at Ginza KAZAN

Savour world-class seafood at Ginza KAZAN

This restaurant offers delicious, healthy Italian cuisine using only the best seafood and vegetables. The restaurant is run by an import company that specializes in seafood, offering high-quality products from all over the world. The company's "Angel Prawns", farmed in New Caledonia, have been praised by the French government for their highly quality, and their Cat's Eye Oyster from Tasmania is famous for its great reputation as well. An all-vegetarian meal can be prepared if asked for at the time of the reservation (7,650 yen per person, 3 days in advance).

  • Ginza KAZAN

    3-4-6, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061
  • Casa Vinitalia, bringing color to Azabu nights

    Casa Vinitalia, bringing color to Azabu nights

    You’ll find this elegant Italian restaurant in Azabu-juban, a section of the city where many gourmets gather. Out on the partially-covered half-terrace, you can enjoy a beautiful courtyard view along with your meal. Inside the elegant restaurant are private rooms and a salon available to guests, offering a sophisticated atmosphere to dine in.

    With a plate of cuisine fashioned from fresh pasta and carefully-selected seasonal ingredients before you and a glass of one of the three hundred varieties of wines kept in regular stock in your hand, you’ll be able to savor the very heights of dining perfectly. Open until 2:30 a.m. on weekdays, the restaurant is also well-known as a late-night rendezvous spot for people of style and mature sensibility. Vinitalia has earned high praise in famous international gourmet guides.

  • Casa Vinitalia

    Mtower 2F, 1-7-31, Minamiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0047
  • Dishes created by a three-star master chef

    Dishes created by a three-star master chef

    The restaurant Heinz Beck is located in Marunouchi, famed as one of the great business districts of Japan, and offers masterpieces by the same-named Heinz Beck, a widely-respected Italian master chef. Called a pioneer of Italian cuisine, Beck and his rare culinary genius have created a number of dishes that have won prestigious international awards including Vivenda, Gambero Rosso, and L'espresso. Dining at his restaurant in Tokyo will excite your senses with flavors both modern and refined, fashioned after the Japanese way of incorporating the different seasons into the taste.

  • Heinz Beck

    Nissay Marunouchi Gardentower 1F M2F , 1-1-3, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0005
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