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If it Fits, I Sits! Japan's Cutest Cat Souvenirs

If it Fits, I Sits! Japan's Cutest Cat Souvenirs

Date published: 17 June 2020
Last updated: 20 January 2021

If you’ve spent much time on the Internet over the last decade, you’ve probably seen the photos and videos of cats squeezing themselves into boxes and spaces that are too small for them. The expression “If it fits, I sits” refers to the feline penchant for sitting in any box or enclosed space that it is possible to cram into, no matter how uncomfortable it might look.

Felissimo’s Cat Division, producer of all things cat-related, has come up with these cute pouches showing cats squeezing themselves into boxes. The cat lovers in your life will love them!

The pouches come in 3 cute feline colors, tuxedo, tabby, and calico.

Each pouch is spacious and can be filled down to the bottom of the box. They are also just the right size for pocket-sized tissue packages.

Quote: “Huh? Don’t I fit?”
These guys are some of the models that served as inspiration for the pouches!

Product Information
Product Name: That Box is Too Small for You Pouch
Price: 2,400 yen (plus tax)
(Japanese name: はみ出たボディーに癒やされる その箱絶対小さいよポーチの会)
72 yen from each sale will be donated to the Felissimo Cat Fund.
Available here

Other Cat Items

Other Cat Items

These cute cat items are sure to make you smile!

These message cards feature cats sticking their paws out and inviting you to play. Your cat-loving friends would be thrilled to get one!

Product Information
Product Name: Won’t You Play with Me? Cat Message Cards
(Japanese name: 遊んでいただけるんですか!? 猫のメッセージメモの会)
Price: 650 yen (plus tax)
Available here

Cats watch fish swimming by on these adorable drinking glasses.

Product Information
Product Name: Cat’s Dream Aquarium Glasses
(Japanese name: おいしそうだニャ~ 猫さん夢の水族館グラスの会)
Price: 950 yen (plus tax)
Available here

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