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Japan Jet Lag Plans: How to Spend Your Late Nights/Early Mornings in Tokyo!

Japan Jet Lag Plans: How to Spend Your Late Nights/Early Mornings in Tokyo!

Date published: 20 February 2019
Last updated: 25 June 2019

Fatigue from the long flight, jet lag, and adjusting your internal clock when visiting Japan can be daunting. Plus when your flight arrives late at night or early in the morning - before public transport starts up or business facilities open - some may feel like they are wasting their time.

But don’t worry! Tokyo has plenty of spots where you can have fun from late at night to early morning. Take advantage of your jet lag and experience things that can only be done late at night or early in the morning!

Morning Suggestion 1: Catch the Sunrise at Tokyo Bay!

Morning Suggestion 1: Catch the Sunrise at Tokyo Bay!

If you want to enjoy the peacefully stunning sunrise over Tokyo Bay, we recommend Umihotaru Parking Area located on the bay or Haneda Airport International Terminal. At these locations you will be able to feel the sea breeze and catch the sunrise over Tokyo Bay. They also have food facilities that open from early morning, so you can enjoy your preferred beverage and have a relaxing time.

・Umihotaru Parking Area
Access: Chiba Prefecture, Kisarazu City, Nakajima Chisaki
Hours: 4F Ocean-view Grand Galleria, 5F Viewing Deck, 5F Soba Minatoya (in the Marine Court), 4F Family Mart (North Cabin) are open 24 hours, other stores have their own hours.

Haneda Airport International Terminal
Hours: Observation Deck open 24 hours, other facilities have their own hours

Morning Suggestion 2: Tour of the Auction at Toyosu Market

Morning Suggestion 2: Tour of the Auction at Toyosu Market

A popular early morning sightseeing spot was Tsukiji Market, also called the Kitchen of Tokyo. Tsukiji inner market, which had held auctions and intermediate sales, moved to Toyosu in October 2018, however the outer market open to general customers is still operating in its original location.

・Toyosu Market
Access: Right by Yurikamome Line Shijo-mae Station
Auction: 5:30 - 6:30 a.m.
Auction Location: Toyosu Market Fisheries Wholesale Building (7 Block) Observation area 2F

The Tsukiji outer market will remain in the same place. It is still possible to purchase fresh seafood and vegetables from all over Japan and there are many sushi and kaisendon (seafood bowl) restaurants. It is expected to get crowded from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and the early morning around 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. is not that crowded. Eating breakfast made from fresh ingredients is a great way to start your day!

Tsukiji Outer Market

Morning Suggestion 3: Head Out to the Morning Market!

Morning Suggestion 3:  Head Out to the Morning Market!

On weekends there are various markets that are held in parks and shrines. The Tomikoa Hachiman Shrine Antique Market and Takahata Fudou Gozare Market are colorful markets that are held at shrines. Earth Day Market has various stalls with fresh food products, sundries, and bento. Yasukuni Shrine Flea Market has second-hand clothes, toys and accessories that can only be found here. We recommend getting some fresh air in the morning and heading out to the morning markets.

・Tomikoa Hachiman Shrine Antique Market
Schedule: 1st (excluding January) 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday * closed on 15th or 28th if it applies.
Hours: 6:00 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m.

・Takahata Fudou Gozare Market
Address: 733 Takahata, Hino-shi Tokyo-to (at Takahata Fudouson)
Schedule: 3rd Sunday every month
Hours: 7:00 a.m. ~ 4:0 p.m.

・Tokyo Morning Market – Earth Day Market
Address: 2 Chome Jinnan Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to (Yoyogi Park Keyaki Namiki), has other locations
Schedule: 1st Sunday of the month
Hours: 10:00 a.m. ~ 4:00 p.m.

・Yasukuni Shrine Flea Market
Address: 2 Chome-1 Kundankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to (Yasukuni Shrine entrance path and square)
Schedule: 2nd Saturday every Month
Hours: 10:00 a.m. ~ 3:00 p.m.

Night Suggestion 1: Enjoy Tokyo’s Night Views and Landmarks

Night Suggestion 1: Enjoy Tokyo’s Night Views and Landmarks

Tokyo, a glittering city filled with skyscrapers, has many spots affording superb night views. The city’s neon glows and car lights create a romantic scenery that adds to landmarks like Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree. Depending on the weather and time Tokyo offers different views, such as a vista of Mt. Fuji in the distance on clear evenings.

Tokyo Skytree Tembo Galleria – Tembo Deck
Highlight: The 634m tall structure is the tallest in Japan. There are shopping and dining facilities that you can enjoy in the tower.

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo Sky Lounger Stellar Garden
Highlight: It is filled with a romantic atmosphere and offers a great view of Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observation Deck
Highlight: In the center of the major business district of Shinjuku. The observation deck grants a stunning panoramic view.

Night Suggestion 2: Relax at a Bathing Facility!

Night Suggestion 2: Relax at a Bathing Facility!

There are many who want to experience the Japanese culture of Onsen (hot springs) and Sento (communal bath houses). For people who don’t have time to go to an authentic outdoor hot spring, here are some bathing facilities you can experience in Tokyo. Some are open to the morning and have hot springs, sauna, plus a sleeping space, resting area, and even ganbanyoku (hot stone spa). Also they have female-only spaces offering makeup kits, hair irons and even rental facial massagers. Enjoy a bath, freshen up before your activity the next day!

Price Estimate:
10 hour plan: 3,000 ~ 4,000 yen
* Estimate price includes, entrance fee, late night fee, towel set, facility clothes and resting room fee.

Night Suggestion 3: Have Fun at 24-Hour Facilities

In Tokyo there are facilities that are open around the clock where you can have fun, including spots like karaoke boxes, manga cafés, and internet cafés. These facilities often have all-you-can-drink soda fountains and light meals so you can enjoy your stay without worrying about time.

Karaoke Boxes

Karaoke boxes in central Tokyo are located in convenient areas near the station and many are open until morning. Also, most locations have free Wi-Fi, serve alcohol, offer light meals and have all-you-can-drink soda fountains. They have different room sizes for groups and single visitors. For late night entry some locations may ask for you ID.

Estimated Price for Karaoke Boxes:
30 minute course: 300 ~ 1,000 yen
2 hour course: 1,000 ~ 2,000 yen
3 hour course: 1,600 ~ 3,000 yen
Free time after 10:00 p.m. (includes all-you-can-drink): 2,500 ~ 3,000 yen
*If you plan on staying for a while, the free time without a time limit is recommended. Free time (with all-you-can-drink) fees will vary depending on daytime or nighttime (late night ~ early morning), week day or weekend and holidays. So make sure to double-check what course applies when you get a room.
*Depending on the store, some may require a registration fee (around 200 yen) or ordering a drink (300 ~ 400 yen).

Manga Cafés & Internet Cafés

Manga cafés are filled with manga and magazines; they also have computers with internet access, PC online games, and console games such as PlayStation; some stores have special controllers for rental. They have free Wi-Fi, all-you-can-drink soda fountains, and some stores have table tennis and billiards.

Night Suggestion 4: Late Night Shows in a Luxurious Environment

Night Suggestion 4: Late Night Shows in a Luxurious Environment

There are many movie theaters in Tokyo and some provide a luxurious environment like a hotel lounge with a full drink menu and leather reclining seats. Also some theaters like Shinjuku Wald 9 have late-night shows that run past midnight.

Movie Theater: Toho Cinemas Roppongi
Movie Theater: Toho Cinemas Roppongi
Address: 6 Chome 10-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to
Access: 3 minute walk from Roppongi Station

Movie Theater: Shinjuku Wald 9
Address: 3 Chome 1-26 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo-to
Access: 5-minute walk from JR Yamanote Line Shinjuku Station, and 1-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Toei Shinjuku Line Shinjuku Sanchome Station C1, C4 exit.

Night Suggestion 4: Get a Bite at Restaurants and Cafés Open Late at Night

Night Suggestion 4: Get a Bite at Restaurants and Cafés Open Late at Night

If you get a bit hungry late at night or early in the morning, there are always restaurants and cafés that are open 24 hours. Japanese family restaurants offer all-you-can-drink drink bars, which have soft drink fountains, coffee, tea and even soups. Family restaurants are safe, reasonably priced and in convenient locations, allowing you to pass the time pleasantly before the first trains start up. However depending on the region some stores have stopped 24 hour operation and instead close at 2 a.m., so be sure to double-check before you enter.

Price estimate:
Drink Bar (all-you-can-drink): 420 yen

Family restaurants operating till the first train (*information as of July 2018)
Shibuya: Gusto (Shibuya Dogenzaka Store), Saizeriya (Shibuya Tokyu Hands), Jonathan’s (Shibuya Statoin South Exit Store), Barmiyan (Jingumae)
Shinjuku: Gusto (Yasukuni-dori store), Saizeriya (Shinjuku Kuyakusho Mae), Jonathan’s (Shinjuku Gyoen Mae), Denny’s (Shinjuku Chuokoen)
Ikebukuro: Gusto (Minamiikebukuro), Jonathan’s (Nishiikebukuro), Denny’s (Ikebukuro Higashiguchi) Bikkuri Donkey (Ikebukuro Sunshine Street)
Ginza: Jonathan’s (Yurakucho), Denny’s (Higashi-Ginza)

Other chain cafés that are open 24 hours or open early in the morning are Ginza Renoir, Frames, Sakura Café and Tsubaki Café. The store hours are different depending on the location, so make sure to check on their website. Also there are some McDonalds that are open 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

There are refreshing events and sceneries that can be enjoyed in the morning and exciting ways to spend your night. Take advantage of your jet lag and have a fun and exciting trip in Japan!

*This information is from the time of this article's publication.
*Prices and options mentioned are subject to change.
*Unless stated otherwise, all prices include tax.

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