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Fun Spring Festivals and Events in Hokkaido (April and May 2024)

Hakodate Landmark

In spring, when cherry blossoms bloom and fresh greenery flourishes, Hokkaido hosts a variety of events celebrating flowers and gourmet delights. These include festivals enjoyed by locals and events that attract many people from both within Japan and abroad, varying greatly in scale. A local writer carefully selects and introduces must-visit festivals and events taking place in Hokkaido in April and May, offering a curated guide to the season's highlights.

Sports and Saunas! Check Out Hokkaido Ball Park F Village - Hokkaido's New Baseball-Themed Bath & Entertainment Facility

Sapporo / Chitose Tempat Hiburan Lainnya

In March 2023, Kitahiroshima City, Hokkaido, introduced a brand-new, ballpark-and-bathing entertainment facility, Hokkaido Ball Park F Village. F Village is bursting with fun and fascinating features, true to its slogan, 'A ball park the world has never seen before'. From watching the game from the comfort of a natural hot spring or a sauna, to sampling craft beers brewed in the park, visitors will enjoy an array of experiences exclusive to this ballpark. Here's an extensive overview of the many attractions of Hokkaido Ballpark F-Village.

3 Sapporo Restaurants With Scenic Views of Dreamy Autumn Foliage

Sapporo / Chitose Masakan Barat Jepang

In Japan, fall is also nicknamed the 'Autumn of Appetite,' which means you'll want to view these scenic foliage views while enjoying a delicious meal! For this article, a writer from Sapporo has carefully selected three Sapporo restaurants with scenic views that will delight both your tastebuds and your eyes as you dine in an open space surrounded by the beauty of nature!

Keragaman Budaya Fesyen Orang Jepang dan Sejarahnya.

Sapporo / Chitose Budaya Kontemporer Lainnya

Jika mendengar kata Jepang, mungkin akan terbayang kimono, hakama atau yoroikabuto dalam benak Anda. Atau mungkin akan muncul ingatan tentang baju berwarna-warni seperti "Harajuku girl". Berikut, akan kami perkenalkan budaya fesyen orang Jepang yang kaya akan keragaman tersebut.

Enjoy Hokkaido's Winter Wonderland: 5 Recommended Bus Passes by Area

Sapporo / Chitose Tamasya Musim Dingin

Discover the magic of Hokkaido's winter wonderland, from its powdery snow to breathtaking landscapes and lively snow festivals! While renting a car may seem convenient for exploring Hokkaido, it can be risky in the winter, especially for those unaccustomed to snowy roads. For those unfamiliar with navigating snowy roads, we suggest a safer way to explore: by bus. Our author, a Sapporo local with extensive winter travel experience, shares his insights on convenient bus passes, perfect for your Hokkaido winter adventure!

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