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Tokyo and Surroundings:Home Decor Stores

Home décor refers to interior decoration and associated products. The representative products sold by these stores include furnishings, lighting fixtures, curtains, wallpaper and flooring.

The term "home décor" has strong implications of taking various items with varying properties and combining them to create a harmonized space. These concepts reflect the personality and tastes of the resident of said space. Becoming the "producer" of a space can make selecting the home décor of a room after moving, or when you want a change in atmosphere, more fun.

Traditional Japanese home décor includes tatami mats, paper screens, and sliding doors. These all contribute to making a room cooler in summer. Although most modern Japanese residences are built in a Western style, the idea of staying comfortable through the four seasons is still deeply rooted You might have fun finding something unique at a home décor store. In addition to shops that specialize in Japanese décor, a number of major overseas brands have also entered the country, resulting in a wide range of options in terms of design and price.