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20 Fun Things to Do in Akita Prefecture! Recommended Sightseeing, Local Foods, and Souvenirs

Pinggiran kota Akita Kunjungan Lainnya

Akita Prefecture, located on the northern tip of Japan's main island, has many natural sightseeing attractions! Among the cool things to do in Akita are soaking in hot springs and seeing the cherry blossom trees in the mountains, which can add an element of serenity to your trip. Here are 20 points of interest to make your trip to Akita more fulfilling. Check out our basic info on popular local foods, recommended souvenirs, and transportation. Main image: Shawn.ccf /

Visiting Sendai in Winter: Weather, Clothes, and Everything You Need to Know For Your Trip!

Sendai / Matsushima Tamasya Musim Dingin

One of the things to consider when planning a trip to Sendai in winter is what the weather will be like in your destination. This is especially given that the Tohoku region experiences cold winters and heavier snowfall. While the city itself doesn’t see much snow, when visiting Sendai in winter, measures against the cold are essential. Today, a local writer will advise you on temperatures, and clothing that will be useful during your winter trip to Sendai (December/January/February).

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