Kansai International Airport


Car Rental


Rental cars are available for business or pleasure. Explore the Kinki region from Kansai Airport. Located in the Aeroplaza, reception counters are a three-minute walk from Terminal 1 via the 2F connection passage, or a 7-minute ride from Terminal 2 via free shuttle bus. Collect your car on the spot. Get rid of your heavy baggage and start enjoying your holiday. Same day returns are also available.

  • Aeroplaza
■Aeroplaza 1F
  • 受付カウンター


By car

Roads around the airport

  • Roads around the airport

Tolls for a round trip across the Sky Gate Airport Access Bridge

Vehicle type Toll
Light cars 720 yen
Standard size 920 yen
Medium size 1,130 yen
Large Vehicles 1,440 yen
Special Large 2,360 yen

Map of airport premises

  • Map of airport premises