[Tokyo] Tokyo City, One Day Tour with Wagyu Beef & Sushi Meals
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  • * Explore beyond the tourist trail on a private tour, discovering famous spots like Shibuya Scramble Crossing and uncovering hidden gems like Yanaka that most tourists miss
  • * Immerse yourself in Tokyo's unique blend of tradition and modernity as you visit culturally rich areas like Asakusa and tech-savvy districts like Akihabara
  • * Enjoy a cultural journey through Tokyo's diverse neighborhoods, from Ueno Toshogu Shrine to the fashion-forward streets of Harajuku
  • * Indulge in Wagyu Japanese Beef BBQ for lunch and savor a variety of fresh sushi for dinner on this Tokyo adventure
What to expect

Enjoy the most Dynamic tour will ever have, in this tour, you will be able to visit the most interesting attractions in Tokyo in one single tour. Since Tokyo is huge, you can choose which places interest you, and then your guide will organize logistics so you don’t have to stress. You won’t need to stick to a fixed itinerary or be herded around like a large group tour. Instead, you can mix in with locals and travel efficiently between sites with a guide. Your guide will also tell you more than any guidebook. There are layers of history in Tokyo, plus a vibrant modern scene. Visit places like the Shinjuku Gyoen, the crazy busy Shibuya Crossing, and more. you will be moving by local transportation to see the city like the locals.

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