[Kochi] Canadian canoe spaceship experience
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  • The river at Miyazakinokawahara Campground in the Ikegawa district of Niyodogawa Town, Kochi Prefecture has blue water and is so transparent that you can see the bottom of the river.
  • ・ Let's experience the airship!
  • Due to the high transparency of the river, the shadow of the canoe is reflected on the bottom of the river and the canoe appears to be floating in the air.
  • * Note: It may not be visible depending on the weather.
  • ・ It is safe with a highly stable Canadian canoe.
  • The wide and stable canoe makes it easy for beginners to operate.
  • ・ In the Niyodo River, you can experience Canadian canoeing only at the Niyodo Blue Furusato Experience Center.
  • Since it is an experience with a small number of people, you can relax and enjoy the clear stream.
  • ・ A staff member with 30 years of experience as an instructor will accompany you.
  • ・ Because we will give a lecture on land at the beginning, it is safe for first-time users.
  • ・ After practicing in a place where the flow of the river is gentle, enjoy a walk on t
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