[Ishikawa] [Ishikawa/Kanazawa] Kimono rental | Return on the day & photo taken by a professional photographer in Higashi Chaya District!
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[Just strike a pose and you'll feel like a magazine model]
We will take pictures at Higashi Chaya District, a tourist attraction in Kanazawa where the atmosphere of traditional townhouses remains.
The cityscape looks great in kimono, and has been used as a filming location for many movies.
The envious looks from other tourists make me feel like a magazine model.

[You can choose this and that! ComiComi’s safe rates]
There are many accessories to choose from in the plan set, such as kimonos, half-width obi, sandals, and bags, as well as obi-jime, obi-age, hair ornaments, handles, and half-collars! ! You can coordinate it to your liking. If you are confused, our staff will help you.

[Easy dressing by a veteran dresser]
Kimono doesn't have to be painful. At Kanazawa Kimi Rakuraku, our experienced kimono masters provide comfortable and beautiful kimono dressing.
As the name suggests, enjoy sightseeing in Kanazawa with this ``easy-to-wear'' kimono.

What to expect

Accompanied by a professional photographer with a wealth of topics, we will have fun taking photos at Higashi Chaya District, a tourist attraction in Kanazawa (1 hour) Photos taken can be downloaded from the customer-specific web page. We will give you a special barcode on the day. We have everything you need for kimono rental, so you can come empty-handed. Please return it by business hours on the day of rental.

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