[Ishikawa] Kimono rental Akari Kimono experience reservation for men (Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture)
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  • The castle town of Kanazawa brings out the charm of an adult man wearing a kimono.
  • Even men who have never worn a kimono can enjoy sightseeing in Kanazawa wearing a stylish men's kimono made by a long-established kimono store.
  • Everything you need to wear the kimono, such as obi, tabi, and sandals, is included in the price.
  • Free storage of luggage such as trunks and carry cases.
  • The inside of the store is a renovated old folk house, and the atmosphere of a Japanese house remains, with views of the courtyard.
What to expect

Reserve "Kimono Rental Akari Men's Kimono Rental" in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture online! KKday, an optional tour reservation service, is selling kimono rentals for men. Excellent access within Omicho Market.

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