[Ishikawa] Japan Hokuriku Kanazawa Car Rental|JR Rent-A-Car|Pick up at Kanazawa Station
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  • Kanazawa Station pickup, easy and convenient, enjoy a self-driving tour in Kanazawa
  • With English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese language navigation, Indemnity Against Liability + NOC insurance, travel with peace of mind
What to expect

Book from Hokuriku Kanazawa Car Rental now and travel around Hokuriku Kanazawa with ease! This plan includes navigation, Indemnity Against Liability + NOC insurance, and free infant car seat. After arriving at Kanazawa Station, start a self-driving trip, carry your luggage to hotels or tourist attractions, and easily visit "Kenrokuen", one of Japan's three famous gardens, Kanazawa Castle Park, and other popular attractions. Plan your route how you want without the restrictions of a set plan and enjoy a self-guided tour of Toyama.

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