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  • Eliminate the pain of queuing up to buy tickets on site and enter directly by showing your mobile phone, saving time and ease
  • Don’t wait until the summer Nebuta Festival, be the first to see the famous giant fan-shaped lanterns
  • Visit Tsugaru traditional crafts and directly understand the local culture and customs of Aomori
  • Live performance of Tsugaru Shamisen and listen to Aomori’s unique traditional music
What to expect

When you come to Aomori, which is famous for its Nebuta Festival, you must not miss the Tsugaru Domain Nebuta Village. Book your Tsugaru Domain Nebuta Village tickets in advance on KKday to avoid the hassle of queuing up to buy tickets on site. You can enter directly by showing your mobile phone, saving time and ease. The museum displays Hirosaki Nebuta fan lanterns, the Nebuta Festival parade accompaniment band, and live performances of Tsugaru Shamisen. People no longer have to wait for the Nebuta Festival to come, but can first appreciate the finely crafted and beautiful Nebuta lanterns and listen to the wonderful performance of Japanese traditional musical instruments live.

Additional Info

Japan Aomori Hirosaki 61 Kankocho, Tsugaru Domain Nebuta Village

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