[Hokkaido] Hokkaido Jozankei Toyohira River Canoe Experience
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  • * Experience the rich natural scenery of Hokkaido and enjoy the cool summer
  • * Natural oxygen bar, relax body and mind
  • * About 1 hour away from Sapporo, easy to access
What to expect

Surrounded by mountains, Jozankei has very rich natural resources, and is close to the most prosperous city in Hokkaido - Sapporo. It is a quiet hot spring town amidst the hustle and bustle. This activity is a rowing experience activity of about 1 km. The forest and refreshing wind in summer, and the red leaves of the forest in autumn make it a very popular tourist attraction. Take a large kayak, cross the canyon, listen to the birdsong and gurgling water in the canyon, and explore places that are usually inaccessible. The river in the active area has an average depth of about 1 meter and a slow flow. In addition, there are guides to explain, so even those who are participating for the first time can participate with confidence.

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