[Hokkaido] 【Sapporo Morning Tour】Shiroi Koibito Park & Central Wholesale Market
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  • * From the Okurayama Ski Jumping Stadium in Sapporo, you can overlook the city of Sapporo.
  • * Human landscape and natural landscape complement each other, and experience Sapporo in depth.
  • * The Central Market, where hundreds of fresh seafood gather, is a paradise for foodies.
What to expect

【Hokkaido Shrine】 In 1869, Emperor Meiji issued an edict to worship the "Three Gods of Kaikai" in Hokkaido as "the spiritual home of Kaikai people". This is the origin of the Hokkaido Shrine. Today, the four gods are enshrined in the shrine. The patron saint, who protects the development of Hokkaido and the happiness of the people, is still closely related to the lives of the people of Hokkaido. For example, traditional gods are held during the first month of worship, exorcism, setsubun, and weddings. 【Okurayama Ski Jumping Arena】 In 1972, the Sapporo Winter Olympics were held in Sapporo. Okurayama was the ski jumping arena at that time. Take the tandem lift to the start of the ski jump competition at an altitude of 307 meters. Looking out from the observation hall, you can have a panoramic view of the streets of Sapporo and the vast Ishikari Plain, which is very spectacular. Show the regular sightseeing bus ticket to enjoy the discounted fare of the Okurayama Ropeway. The discounted price is 900 yen for adu

Additional Info

White Lover Park: 〒063-0052 Miyanozawa 2-2-11-36, Nishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido


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