[岐阜] Hida Private E-Bike Tour with Premium Lunch and Farm Experience
4.9 ( 7則評價 )

92,500 JPY

  • This is the premium version of 1-Day Rural E-Bike Tour in Hida. Same as the regular one, the tour concept is exploring the hidden part of Takayama by cool electric bikes to see and understand the authentic rural Japan. There are 2 key differences from the standard tour. First, it is one group only for a day. Second, lunch is Kaiseki (traditional multi-course Japanese meal) and farm experience included. You pick some fruit or vegetable with people living in the village, and the local ryokan or restaurant makes the beautiful Japanese meal with local produce. No exaggeration to say, it must be the most memorable moment of your trip in Japan. Please do not miss the opportunity!
  • *It depend on the day whether the farm experience is offered for a small group (2-3 people). If not, we can arrange to visit a local fish farm or interact with locals as alternative.




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