[岐阜] Sake Brewery Visit and Tasting Tour in Hida
5.0 ( 63則評價 )

14,000 JPY

  • This is a sake brewery tour dedicated for small groups who want to escape from tourist crowd to have the authentic sake experience, including a leisurely town walk and sake tasting. The tour is held at the small country town named Hagiwara, which is near from Takayama but definitely no tourist here. You can enjoy understanding the sake brewing process and the beautiful sake tasting at your own pace without any stress.
  • On the way to the Tenryo Sake Brewery, your guide will share not only the introduction of sake but the historical background of town. Inside the brewery, you will understand the brewing process of sake step by step with seeing the actual facilities and machines for production. Afterward, you will taste various excellent sake of Tenryo (天領) to enjoy the difference of flavors, and you can know a lot of useful tips to drink and order sake. If you love sake, please do not miss this opportunity!




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