[石川] Sneaking into a Cooking Class for Japanese
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9,000 JPY

  • This course is for those who can understand Japanese. Another class that is highly praised by foreign tourists is "Making authentic Japanese food with a samurai chef.
  • In business for 55 years! This is a special opportunity to participate in a cooking class for the local community that is highly acclaimed for its delicious food. Max. 6 people.
  • The plan is exactly the same as teaching cooking to Japanese beginners.
  • It is a bit more specialized and will be conducted in Japanese only, so those who understand Japanese will enjoy it.
  • Making authentic Japanese food with a samurai chef" is popular among foreign visitors.
  • Participants work together and actually cook everything from scratch. Basically, four dishes are made.
  • The dish in the photo is an example of the menu. The menu changes every week.
  • The menu will be either "Japanese food", "Chinese food", or "international food".
  • Attention" Only for this plan, you are required to wash the dishes and utensils you use.




  • JR北陆地区铁路周游券(4日)

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  • 关西ICOCA卡(大阪领取)

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  • JR关西&北陆地区铁路周游券(7日)

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  • 【飞驒高山】JR高山、北陆地区周游券(5日)

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  • JR PASS 全日本铁路通票(连续7/ 14/ 21日)

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