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Update: 2016/03/22

Narita International Airport


Please allow plenty of time for travel to or from the airport as delays can occur due to traffic and weather conditions. Please check individual company websites for contact numbers, timetables and service operation details.


When using the bus, passengers are requested to purchase tickets at the ticket counters and check the bus stop for your destination.


■Taxi Information

■Fixed Fare Taxi Service Information

Fixed fares based on destination zones apply to services from Narita Airport Tokyo. (Narita International Airport Taxi Council Members)

< Usage >
*Advance reservations are not required.
*Concierges at the taxi stands will direct you to the next available taxi.
*Passengers may select a taxi of their choice.
1.Late night and early morning surcharges apply and an additional charge is applied for travel via the Aqua-Line.
2.Discounts are available for disabled passengers.
3.These fixed fares are based on travel via the expressway.
The meter will be used if passengers elect to travel via non-expressway route.
Expressway tolls and other actual charges incurred are the responsibility of the passenger in addition to the fixed fare.