[니가타] Private Guided Japanese Pub Hopping Tour at Furumachidori
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  • Niigata is one of the leading centers of food culture in Japan.​
  • While walking through charming avenues, you can feel the atmosphere of old port town and taste many delicious Japanese dishes. Emersed yourself in history as you walk through the Furumachi district of Niigata, which renowned as much as Gion in Kyoto and Shinbashi in Tokyo for it’s Geisha. ​
  • You can not only enjoy the delicious Japanese food, but also interact with locals! Meeting Niigata residents is an experience you are unlikely to quickly forget. ​
  • As you stroll through the streets, go into any restaurant that strikes your fancy! Your local guide will make restaurant recommendations and help you order in traditional Japanese restaurants.​
  • ・You can enjoy wonderful food and local sake of Niigata.(Beer, wine, and alcoholic/Non-alcoholic beverage are also available.)​
  • ・As you move between Japanese pubs, experience the charming Niigata streets. ​
  • ・If you are lucky, you may event pass a Geisha!

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