[니가타] Experience the lifestyle connected with the Lagoon in Niigata
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  • Niigata Prefecture is famous for producing delicious rice and sake. Vast rice fields spread out in Niigata City, the prefectural capital, and are a symbol of the Niigata plains. Another iconic sight is the lagoon. The area around Fukushima Lagoon in the city once had a life culture that could not be described as a lagoon. This is a tour full of charm from nature to food, where you can learn about the lifestyle and food culture unique to this region, as well as enjoy a tour of a local sake brewery and pairing with delicious sake.
  • At an over-100-year-long sake brewery you will take a guided tour of the sake brewery where you can see the entire manufacturing process, and experience a unique pairing of sake.
  • What's more is you will meet one of the few local fishermen of the Lagoon to listen to his story. He is a living dictionary of the the lifestyle culture of the surrounding area. In addition, A local restaurant owner will cook light meal with rare ingredients from the lagoon.

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