[와카야마] 와카야마 조이 패스 (1주일)
5.0 ( 여행후기5건 )
600+명의 선택
오늘부터 이용 가능
바우처 교환 전 무료 취소 가능
액티비티 개요
  • * Enjoy 3 exciting experiences in Wakayama, including Adventure World, sightseeing cruise, wearing Heian period costume and enjoying tuna dishes!

# Have Fun in Wakayama Pass 1 Week Free Pass # How to use * Start your pass within validity period: 90 days after purchase date. * Visit all the facilities or redeem the coupons within 1 week * Choose among the available attraction admission, transfer pass, outdoors experience, shopping / food coupon * Please check the information about each facility, business hours, and public holidays in advance at the following links: [English](https://www.travelcontentsapp.com/have-fun/have-fun-in-wakayama-1-week-free-pass/en), [Japanese](https://www.travelcontentsapp.com/have-fun/have-fun-in-wakayama-1-week-free-pass/jp), [Simplified Chinese](https://www.travelcontentsapp.com/have-fun/have-fun-in-wakayama-1-week-free-pass/sc), [Traditional Chinese](https://www.travelcontentsapp.com/have-fun/have-fun-in-wakayama-1-week-free-pass/tc), [Korean](https://www.travelcontentsapp.com/have-fun/have-fun-in-wakayama-1-week-free-pass/kr) # Available facilities **[Attractions]** - [Animal Play Zone Adventure World - 1-day admission

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