[나라] Explore the best spots of Arashiyama / Nara in a One Day Private Tour from Kyoto
5.0 ( 여행후기2건 )
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  • 1- Within a day of your stay in Kyoto, I am going to show you the must-see spots of Nara and Arashimaya.
  • 2- Understanding the culture and life in Japan from a foreign prospective.
  • 3- Tour itenerary is planned to cover the top sightseeing spots of Nara and Arashiyama and long enough to go around the cultural and historic places too, however, I can customize it based on your will.
  • The itinerary is based on hiring a car or a van for 10 hours - Cash to the driver on the tour day: Up to 5 passengers: ¥110,000 ,if more than 5 please let me know in advance. Itenerary is shown here, however, you can still customize it in arrangement with the guide.
  • 09:00 Hotel Pick up
  • 10:00 bamboo forest and Tenryu-ji temple garden
  • 11:00 Hozu-gawa river and Togetsu bridge
  • 13:00 move to Nara
  • 14:30 Nara deers park
  • 15:30 Todaiji temple
  • 16:30 Kasuga Shrine
  • 17:30 Back to Kyoto
  • 19:00 Tour finish

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    1,500~4,900 JPY

  • 이코카 카드 (오사카 수령)

  • 【오사카 교토】JR 웨스트 간사이 레일패스 (간사이 공항 수령)

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  • Kansai WIDE Area Excursion Pass

  • 【오사카 교토】JR 간사이 와이드 패스 (5일권)

  • JR 이세-구마노-와카야마 패스 (5일권)

  • JR 간사이 히로시마 패스 (5일권)

  • JR 간사이 호쿠리쿠 패스 (7일권)

  • 【간사이 히로시마】JR 산요 산인 패스(7일권)

  • 【간사이 히로시마】JR 산요-산인-북큐슈 패스 (7일권)

  • [일본 전지역] JR 패스 (7, 14, 21일권)

    50,000~100,000 JPY

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