[나라] Tokyo to Kyoto and Nara One Full Day Private Tour
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  • Within a day from Tokyo, you can have the chance to explore both top temple and shrine in Kyoto, along with the historic area of Gion where Geisha are spotted, along with Nara deers park and Todaiji temple . Itenerary is shown here, however, you can still customize it in arrangement with the guide.
  • Tour itinerary is planned based on hiring a car/ van for 9 hours to cover (cash to the driver):5 passengers: ¥100, 000, 7 passengers: ¥125, 000,more than 7 please let me know in advance)
  • 07:15 Meeting at Tokyo Station (Gin-no-Suzu Square -Silver Bell Square-, the most well-known meeting place in Tokyo Station), help you to buy the bullet train tickets and heading to Kyoto using bullet train (Shinkansen)
  • 10:00 Pick up at Kyoto station and move to Nara
  • 11:30 Nara deers park
  • 12:00 Todaiji temple
  • 12:45 Back to Kyoto
  • 14:15 Kinkakoji temple
  • 15:30 Lunch break
  • 16:30 Fushimi Inari shrine
  • 17:30 Gion area
  • 18:00 Back to Kyoto station, and take bullet train to Tokyo
  • 21:00 Arrive Tokyo and tour finish

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  • 【오사카 교토 나라현】긴테츠 레일 패스 (1일,2일,5일,플러스)

    1,500~4,900 JPY

  • 이코카 카드 (오사카 수령)

  • 【오사카 교토】JR 웨스트 간사이 레일패스 (간사이 공항 수령)

    2,800~7,000 JPY

  • 일본 JR 패스 | JR 간사이 미니패스 (3일권)

  • 간사이 쓰루패스 (오사카/대만/태국 직접 수령 & 대만/홍콩/태국 우편배송)

  • Kansai WIDE Area Excursion Pass

  • 【오사카 교토】JR 간사이 와이드 패스 (5일권)

  • JR 이세-구마노-와카야마 패스 (5일권)

  • JR 간사이 히로시마 패스 (5일권)

  • JR 간사이 호쿠리쿠 패스 (7일권)

  • 【간사이 히로시마】JR 산요 산인 패스(7일권)

  • 【간사이 히로시마】JR 산요-산인-북큐슈 패스 (7일권)

  • [일본 전지역] JR 패스 (7, 14, 21일권)

    50,000~100,000 JPY

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