[나라] Private Cycling Tour in the First Capital of Japan
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  • Discover the highlights of Asuka village as you ride over a thousand year history on a roughly 3-hour bike led by a knowledgeable guide.
  • How about soaking yourself in the nostalgic atmosphere of ancient Asuka, where the whole village is protected by the Ancient Capitals Preservation Law.
  • Even if it is your first visit to Asuka, they say you’ll feel nostalgic somehow, and foreign visitors are no exception.
  • During the tour, you’ll enjoy solving the mysteries of ancient tombs and ancient stone structures; imagining the ancient city of 1,400 years ago; and strolling along beautiful terraced rice fields that are beyond description.
  • You’ll also visit and see everyday life in the country side with peaceful views of the satoyama settlement. This cycling tour offers you exquisite experiences; seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking, and imagining.
  • Why don’t you enjoy a cycling tour while greeting local villagers and communicating with them along the way?

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