[미에] Discover Forester's Life tour (1-day)
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  • Through the experience of Forestry and "Kijishi" Wooden Craft, your will know real life of Misugi, as known as forestry village.
  • Misugi is very beautiful, quiet and peaceful Inaka place. Misugi has unique history, culuture and lifestyle.
  • Inaka means the country-side in Japanese.
  • However, Misugi is now facing at extreme depopulation problem. The population decreased by half in this 2 decades.
  • We want to empower our village by tourism. Because tourism can connect many people and industries. Then, we made an organization "Inaka Tourism".
  • We provide 4 kinds of experiences (All 1-day tour).
  • 1. "Purify your mind and body" tour
  • - Zen Meditation, Forest Therapy and Lunch
  • 2. "Pilgrimage walks" tour
  • - Straw Marquetry, Historical Walks and Lunch
  • 3. "Touch the Forester's Life" tour
  • - Forestry, Kijishi Wood craft and Lunch
  • 4. "We Love Nature" tour
  • - Forest Therapy, Cycling and Lunch

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