[미에] Private Tour of Akame 48 Waterfalls with Bento Making
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  • Why wouldn’t you want a Japanese-styled pack lunch and hiking experience in the hometown of the Ninjas?
  • An ecotour guide will lead you on a private tour across the peaceful Japanese scenery around the Akame 48 Falls. You can experience enjoyment from hiking along a beautiful river valley towards the Akame 48 Falls, and then there relish the taste of your delicious bento.
  • -Making bento
  • The tour guide will cut all the ingredients; they will teach you how to cook and pack the food into your bento.
  • -Hiking
  • After making your bento box you take it to the Akame 48 Falls - a famous sightseeing spot that attracts many visitors throughout the year. This is where you will settle down to enjoy your lunch and soak up the relaxing sounds of these waterfalls.
  • Akame town is an amazing place to experience Japan's amazing old culture. This tour will give you a great opportunity to comprehend this intriguing part of Japanese life that has been passed down for generations.

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