[교토] Private Kyoto Back Street Cycling Tour w. ENG-Speaking Guide
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  • This is the most popular and easiest tour to enjoy by bicycle. The tour starts and ends at Kyoto Station, is short in distance, and is reasonably priced. The mostly flat roads make cycling comfortable for everyone from children to the elderly.
  • In addition to spots such as "Gion" and "Kyoto Gyoen" where you can enjoy Kyoto's unique atmosphere, you can also stop at high-impact temples and shrines such as "Higashi Honganji" and "Heian Jingu" depending on time and your preference. If you are lucky, you may even meet a maiko!
  • Feel the breeze and aroma of Kyoto along the river as you tour the back alleys of the city, which you will not find in any guidebooks. You will surely discover a new Kyoto. 
  • The tour includes
  • 1) Guide fee (With English speaking guide / 1 guide for 1 group)
  • 2) guide for 1 group)
  • 3) Admission fees
  • 4) Rental bike
  • 5) Accident insurance

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