[교토] Kimono And Yukata rental In Kyoto (men's plan)
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  • You will definitely find it! "Special" just for you
  • Mimosa has a wide variety of kimonos (yukata) and accessories in spite of being a small store.
  • Tourist spots are just a step away! ? Outstanding location◎
  • The store faces Kodaiji Ichinenzaka, which is ideal for sightseeing in Kyoto.
  • If you change into a kimono and step outside, you will be greeted by a Kyoto-like scene of cobbled streets.
  • The appeal is that you can start sightseeing right away.
  • Overwhelming retro feeling! Get ready in Kyomachiya
  • Located in Kyoto's characteristic historical townscape,
  • It is a “Kyoto-like” interior that was renovated from a Kyomachiya.
  • You can get ready while enjoying the retro atmosphere!
  • Hospitality only possible in a small store
  • Small store unlike other large stores.
  • But that's why we treat our customers with attentive service!
  • Compared to other stores, you can choose kimonos and accessories more comfortably.
  • Feel free to ask the staff if you have any questions about coordination.

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