[교토] Samurai experience & Kenbu show in Kyoto
내일부터 이용 가능
취소 불가
액티비티 개요
  • You can enjoy our samurai experiencing lesson and a stage performance by our kenbu masters!
  • Kenbu, literally meaning 'sword dance' is one of Japanese traditional performing arts that shows the samurai's culture and the spirituality with a Katana sword and a folding fan.
  • Samurai Kenbu Theater, a dojo (training gym) of Kenbu, offers both Kenbu show and lesson programs for Kyoto visitors. You can learn about, and practice, some aspects of the etiquette of samurai classes with a chance to try on a traditional costume as well as a show performed by Kenbu Masters. Here is your chance to step into the shoes of samurai and experience the cultural heritage of Japan!
  • Some people are surprised that the sword they hold for the first time is surprisingly heavy!
  • We will also take a commemorative photo with a cool pose.
  • There are 2 courses for you to choose from!
  • Short time cultural experience with lesson & show.
  • Various programs to satisfy your interests!

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