[교토] Experience Kendo in Kyoto
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취소 불가
액티비티 개요
  • Tomoyoshi, the instructor, will give you a short lecture on how the ancient swordsmanship of Samurai developed into Kendo. He will share the heroic stories of ancient Samurai including his great-grandfather, Yoshishige Hayashi. He will also share the controversial influence of Bushido values on this nation and his family into extremism, especially during the period of WW2. He will end his story on how redemption came and led him to the current inner peace and the life of a pacifist.
  • After the lecture, you will wear the full Kendo armor and learn the basic Kendo movements. In the end, you will get to do a Kendo match with each other. Upon completing the workshop, you will receive a beautifully designed “Certificate of Experience”.
  • If the date you want isn't available, please contact us to inquire about availability.

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