[교토] Private Fushimi Red Gates & Secret Bamboo Mountain Trekking Tour
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  • Fushimi Inari Shrine's iconic Thousand Torii (Red Gate) paths have welcomed millions of visitors over the years and has consistently been one of the top sites in Kyoto. But did you know that the Inari Mountain where the shrine stands actually has around ten thousand torii gates, and even a secret bamboo forest?
  • Go off the beaten track with your experienced tour guide to see the quaint side of Fushimi Inari. Then hike to the top of the mountain (233m) to enjoy the views of Kyoto from the south and soak-in the spirit that resides in this sacred location.
  • Afterwards, follow the trekking route to the nearby temple complex that has maintained a royal connection for more than a thousand years and has been used as an on-set location for many films.

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